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Home of Mercy free essay sample

Home of Mercy Home of Mercy is a piece composed by Gwen Harwood during current period Australia. It delineates the way of life of a chosen few gathering of â€Å"ruined girls†, who have been impregnated and ousted to live with the nuns over the span of their pregnancy, in anticipation of exemption. It manages the going up against issue of the misfortune young guiltlessness; is an off-base choice made in your high school years extremely enough to have the remainder of your public activity annihilated? Gwen Harwood’s sonnet raises the issue of high school pregnancy. Pregnancy in adolescents was something that disgraced a whole family. With not many choices, the young ladies had to live with the Catholic nuns with the expectation that god will show leniency upon them. The content was unmistakably composed with an away from of the sentiments of the ousted ladies and the conspicuous concealment experienced by these young ladies. Somewhat, â€Å"Home of Mercy† loses a portion of its capacity in an advanced setting as a result of high school pregnancies turning out to be increasingly acknowledged. We will compose a custom exposition test on Home of Mercy or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page I think Gwen Harwood kept in touch with her sonnet to plot the issue of impromptu pregnancy, however for the â€Å"onlooker† to have an alternate observation on this theme. A great many people would take a gander at them as â€Å"the demolished girls†, yet I think Harwood is attempting to cause the peruser to feel empathy and compassion toward these undervalued young ladies. She suggests that they live extremely unforgiving lives, and addresses the idea that they aren’t develop truly (or intellectually) when she alludes to them as having â€Å"ripening bodies. As I would like to think, Gwen is explicitly telling the peruser that they should see the two sides of this contention and not to make a hasty judgment about them. The state of mind of â€Å"Home of Mercy† is one of its crucial apparatuses in influence. It contains an extremely forceful feeling of concealment and control, with a solid impact of an inert and discouraging suggestion. A principle feeli ng is the exacting and mighty routine authorized by the Catholic Church. The initial sentence â€Å"By two and two † as of now proposes that they are remaining in controlled lines. The following line â€Å"at the slick edge of the religious community grass† re-instates the sharp, tense lines emblematically speaking to their sharp, tense lives. The young ladies are appeared as being eventually ruled; â€Å"They kneel†, â€Å"their grievous weekday meticulousness. †, â€Å"they will launder†. They have no state: â€Å"an old religious woman who quiets their talking†, and are compelled to do precisely what the nuns let them know or face long lasting isolation. â€Å"Home of Mercy† is organized like a traditional Petrarchan poem (abba rhyming plan), with a couple of minor defects in the stream (line 1 and 4 have 11 syllables, and line 6 has 12). An unusual part of the sonnet is the utilization of language. The sonnet is about a gathering of young ladies being dealt with like the filth of the Earth, yet there aren’t numerous fierce or disdainful words by any stretch of the imagination. The greater part of the importance is gotten through representative references and similitudes. The most disdainful words are sin and brutish, which are just utilized close to the furthest limit of the sonnet for impact. Visual symbolism is likewise solid in Harwood’s sonnet. The initial line â€Å"By two and two† as of now gives the peruser the feeling that the young ladies are under severe control. blessed messengers will wrestle them with brutish vigour† is figuratively saying that even the sacrosanct heavenly attendants won’t be close by; that everybody is against them. â€Å"Home of Mercy† has measured rhyming, with 10 syllables for each line in most. A genuine case of Gwen utilizing sounds to offer impact to the sonnet is â€Å"They smooth with roughened hands†, the delicate hints of â€Å"smooth† interestingly of the cruel hints of â€Å"roughened† have right around an onomatopoeic impact. Additionally, the line â€Å"faces of wicked youngsters in distress† contains sibilance of the â€Å"s† sound. â€Å"Home of Mercy†

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PHP Source Code Isnt Viewable; Only HTML Code

PHP Source Code Isnt Viewable; Only HTML Code With numerous sites, you can utilize your program or another program to see the records source code. This is a typical occurrenceâ by watchers who need to perceive how a site engineer achieved an element on a site. Anybody can see all the HTML that was utilized to make the page, however regardless of whether the site page contains PHP code, you can just view the HTML code and the consequences of the PHP code, not simply the code. Why PHP Code Isnt Viewable All PHP contents are executed on the server before the site is conveyed to the site watcher. When the information gets to the peruser, all that is left is the HTML code. This is the reason an individual cannot go to a .php site page, spare the document and anticipate that it should work. They can spare the HTML and see the aftereffects of PHP contents, which are inserted inside the HTML after the code is executed, yet the content itself is sheltered from inquisitive eyes. Here is a test: The outcome is PHP Code Test, yet the code that creates it isnt distinguishable. In spite of the fact that you can see that there must be PHP code at take a shot at the page, when you see the archive source, you just observe PHP Code Test in light of the fact that the rest is only guidelines for the server and isn't given to the watcher. In thisâ test situation, just the content is sent to the clients program. The end client never observes the code.

The takeover of HBOS

The takeover of HBOS Presentation Mergers and acquisitions have become the most habitually utilized strategies for development for organizations in the twenty first century. These days the data about mergers and acquisitions (MA) can be seen each day in papers, web, TV MA can out of nowhere become an interesting issue at anyones work environment in light of the fact that their organization will converge with another. There are numerous sides to a MA exchange vital, legitimate, budgetary, and innovative to completing an arrangement. One significant component to each arrangement is the human component, this ought to consistently be remembered. We will assess the difficulties looked by the administration of the new association as far as Human Resource Management (HRM) regarding the ongoing takeover of Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) by Lloyds TSB in September 2008. The assessment will incorporate the job of HRM in examining the Lloyds TSBs choice to make a takeover offer for HBOS, how this examination identified with Cu lture, Conflict and Change inside the association and potential issues confronting Lloyds TSBs partners. Foundation and motivation behind the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds TSB Foundation On 17 September 2008, not long after the downfall of Lehman Brothers, HBOSs share cost endured wild vacillations somewhere in the range of 88p and 220p per share, which lost practically a large portion of its fairly estimated worth in the week, in spite of the Financial Services Authoritys confirmations concerning its liquidity and presentation to the more extensive credit crunch. In any case, on 18 September 2008 the conditions of the suggested proposal for HBOS by Lloyds TSB were reported. The two moneylenders likewise uncovered designs to raise a joined  £17 billion under a legislature financed recapitalisation program planned for fortifying the UK banking areas capital stores. The administration supported the arrangement utilizing an uncommon national intrigue statement in light of the fact that a breakdown of HBOS would have disastrously affected the UK. On 16 January 2009 the Lloyds TSB securing of HBOS was finished after definite court endorsement and Lloyds TSB was renamed Lloyds Banking Group plc. Reason for the takeover: The proposed securing of HBOS would join two amazing money related establishments, and would be another noteworthy and positive advance on our excursion to give significant advantages and incentive to clients and investors the same. Difficulties looked by HRM in MA Authoritative Behavior Model Because of the subsequent weight for the MA to succeed, the administration of the new association is compelled to discover new procedures just as assess the extra difficulties confronted. To respond to the topic of how well the administration performed during the incorporating action, it is valuable to take a gander at inside elements utilizing the McKinsey 7-S system. This system was created in the mid 1980s by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman. The fundamental reason of the model is that there is a system which maps a heavenly body of interrelated variables that impact an associations capacity to change. The McKinsey 7-S model includes seven reliant components which are classified as either hard or delicate components: Hard components are simpler to characterize or recognize and the board can straightforwardly impact them: these are technique articulations; association diagrams and detailing lines; and formal procedures and IT frameworks. Delicate components, then again, can be increasingly hard to depict, they are not so much unmistakable but rather more explicitly identified with HRM. These delicate components are as significant as the hard components. A traditionalist gauge is that generally 10% of individuals at work at any one time are straightforwardly influenced by changes of this sort. Besides, another 30% are firmly identified with those encountering blend related pressures and injury (Buono and Bowditch, 2003). These figures show how the basic difficulties looked by the board in each MA relate explicitly to HRM. The organization that viably addresses individuals related issues in advance and all through joining will have a superior possibility of succeeding and picking up the upper hand it looks for. The difficulties looked by the executives in term of HRM in MA. The HRM issues in the MA can be arranged in two stages; the pre-MA stage and the post MA stage. HRM ought to be included from the earliest starting point and all through all phases of the MA procedure. Due steadiness is significant in the principal stage while joining issues take the front seat in the later stage, including: Social conflicts: Every association has an alternate allowance of faith based expectations and worth frameworks. The presentation to another culture during the MA prompts a mental state called culture stun. Unique societies can deliver sentiments of antagonistic vibe and huge uneasiness which can bring down the dedication and collaboration with respect to the representatives, thusly post-merger social conflicts are regularly accused for baffling MA results. As indicated by Anders Spilling and Jarle Hã ¸ien, directors in BearingPoints Business Strategy and Transformation pratice, there are five zones of social clash: Initiative: each companys administration style can appear to be special. At the point when post-MA senior pioneers sitting at a similar table propel their staffs and resolve clashes in assorted manners the subsequent grating frequently makes extra dangers. Instances of these dangers could be an absence of pledge to new organization objectives or an elevated level of turnover among key worker gatherings. Administration: powerful corporate administration requires substantially more than a framework to ensure partner interests. It must envelop the manner in which choices are made in each piece of the organization and across associations. One issue that generally emerges is the discussion about whether the new association ought to receive one merger accomplices administration display or characterize an alternate model. Correspondence: Attitudes about classification, inclinations for formal versus casual channels and the recurrence of interchanges may all become an integral factor. By envisioning these dangers well ahead of time, the getting companys initiative can create correspondence strategies that best help the merger destinations. Business process: most organizations have particular methods of creating, refreshing and authorizing center business forms which must be comprehended and regarded during the mix stage. In the event that adjustments in center business forms are not purposely and foundationally considered during the reconciliation stage, associations face the danger of inside breakdowns and disappointments in conveyance of items and administrations to clients. Execution the executives and prize frameworks: new association ought to incorporate endeavors to fit execution norms and pay frameworks where conceivable, while clarifying significant contrasts when fundamental. Recently consolidated organizations must assist workers with understanding that their distinctive acknowledgment and prize frameworks are reasonable, regardless of whether not generally uniform over the association. Since social change includes both hard and delicate issues, HRM contemplations will incorporate noticeable signs, for example, key execution markers, correspondence styles, worker cooperation, just as less unmistakable corporate qualities and presumptions about how an organization works together, for example, how pioneers drive and evaluate results and new association administration model These discoveries have significant ramifications for how associations can envision post-merger social conflicts and tailor authority projects to address their hidden roots, eventually improving merger achievement rates. Vulnerability employer stability: The MA prompts duplication of specific offices, achieve the abundance labor and scaling down is, sadly, an innate outcome. Thus discussing MA, the main arrangement of contemplations that happen in the psyches of representatives are identified with security of their employments, changes in assignment, vocation way, working in new divisions and dread of working with new groups. The MA additionally changes future open doors for the representatives in the association. A few workers likewise must be moved or doled out new openings. This may affect the exhibition of the representatives and cause the association to lose some ability. The tremendous provokes presented by a MA to the HRM are keeping all workers educated regarding every single significant choice just as upgrading successful two-path correspondence by including line directors; guaranteeing an evenhanded and reasonable treatment of representatives and if there should be an occurrence of lay-offs, HRM should offer outplacement administrations and reasonable severance bundles. Every one of these endeavors from HRM can help construct trust, subdue the talk plant, diminish nervousness, center individuals around the business and its prospects and decrease profitability misfortune. Powerlessness to oversee changes: Regularly there are quick changes in the business condition after MA. Inside HRM will deal with a greater work power, remotely HRMs modern relations will be broadened The job of HRM is to rapidly build up a HR intend to lead the procedure for helping the organization to accomplish the collaborations it needs. The HRM should completely be set up for the critical job they will play all through the MA procedure. The issues looked by HR experts when supporting the MA are very requesting they require the making of a solitary bound together association with an away from and set of qualities from two gatherings of individuals with various societies. HRM ought to consistently refresh their insight and aptitudes in overseeing, controlling and observing the developed workforce, HRM need the capacity to adjust to evolving conditions, recognize the issues when they emerge, improving interchanges abilities, make preparing program, disclose new jobs to representatives, execute pressure decrease pr ojects and direction programs, help post merger group building and criticism helpline for representatives. The issues looked by HR during MA bargains are tremendous, yet unmistakably the way in to the achievement of a MA is the administration of individuals. By recognizing the regular difficulties and discovering arrangements which work for the new association. The estimation of HRM in the MA shou

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Responsibilities of

Question: Compose a report prompting a recently settled board on what estimates it needs to Implement to guarantee proper lead by the Board of Directors. Answer: Presentation Board when all is said in done alludes to a top managerial staff or a gathering of people who are answerable for checking exercises of a benefit; no-benefit association or government offices. Thusly, sheets are for observing or directing whether an association is standing its basic constitutions just as government enactments in an efficient manner or not. The worry of the accompanying report is to encourage changed measures to a recently settled board with the goal that the board can appropriately guarantee proper lead by the enrolled governing body. The report will hence recognize the central jobs and obligations of a board and the potential dangers related with the duties. So as to perceive the duties just as the incessant dangers related with them, it is basic at the absolute first to have an away from of the specific board that has been recently settled. Diagram of the recently settled board As referenced above, preceding give productive exhorts for guaranteeing fitting behavior, it is basic to know the essential reason and worries of the recently settled board. As a similar time, it is basic to recognize the key individuals from the load up and their comprehensive rule. It has been distinguished that a Cape-town based beginning up monetary association has set up new leading group of ten individual individuals. The board size of the considered association is ten and every one of the regarded individuals from the board has Finance degrees from top Universities of South Africa and it has been likewise discovered that every one of the enrolled individuals from the recently settled board have an amazing degree of experience from a few rumored monetary associations already. Along these lines, it is justifiable that the concerned association has not bargained in choosing the dependable people for the leading body of board of trustees. In this unique circumstance, it is fundamental to make reference to that the hierarchical point of the monetary undertaking, which has built up the new top managerial staff, is to help clients with inventive venture conspires just as help with outside examining. Subsequently, it is reasonable enough that the association merits productive people, who have monetary degrees as well as a decent measure of encounters in the specific field. It is fundamental to make reference to here that as per the concerned budgetary association, they have built up the new leading body of individuals, so the authority consistently remains educated about the accessibility of sufficient measure of the monetary assets. It has been realized that the association has been confronting a few troubles at their underlying stage because of absence of mone y related assets and unseemly administration of the current budgetary assets. Consequently, the association chose to build up another top managerial staff as the association is growing its loftiness recently due to getting agreeable client criticism and brand notoriety. Jobs and obligations of a board Before prompt productive measures or activities to the recently settled board, with the goal that it can work appropriately, it is basic to take a gander at the key jobs and obligations of the board individuals. A governing body of a monetary association is responsible to hold the accompanying duties Setting up controls on monetary exercises Bookkeeping just as taking monetary choices is fundamentally the duty of the administration of a budgetary association. Nonetheless, an administration can't achieve the previously mentioned obligation if there is no advantageous system (Bai, 2013). A governing body of a monetary association enjoys the concerned one, is liable for making the specific system. In addition, it is the required obligation of the governing body of a money related venture to make arrangements with the goal that any sort of misrepresentation and mistake can be forestalled convenient. A top managerial staff of ever settled and rumored monetary association should structure approaches for partition of obligations, mark and approval and great administration strategies. Under the name of good-administration, strategies of an association incorporate irreconcilable situation approach, arrangement for record maintenance and informant strategy (Berger et al., 2016). Guaranteeing consistence with the central arrangements Subsequent to building up money related strategies and techniques, it is important to check whether the workers, volunteers and other interior partners are deliberately consenting to the built up arrangements and basic systems or not (Blowfield Murray, 2014). In this unique situation, it is basic to make reference to that the inner partners of an association should agree to the arrangements made by the top managerial staff by evaluating reports and perusing the yearly letters of the inspectors. Spending endorsement and checking on money related reports In spite of the fact that the way that an associations the executives is responsible for making yearly spending plans and keep up it in like manner to serve for the authoritative choices, the directorate is answerable for first looking into and from there on endorsing the financial plan. It is in this way the obligation of the directorate to guarantee that the financial plan is exhaustive just as sensible as indicated by the presentation capacity of the association. Simultaneously, sheets of a monetary association is liable for investigating money related reports on half-yearly, quarterly or in yearly premise (Boulouta, 2013). For the little and medium-sized associations like the one that has been thought of, budgetary reports are required to be investigated quarterly. Guaranteeing budgetary supportability, making review advisory group and remunerating the executives Each business association essentially requires a review advisory group, whose obligation is to survey the money related exposure of an association. For money related associations who themselves offer the assistance of examining, it is basic at first to manufacture a review board of trustees who will take care of the monetary exhibition just as the exercises of inspecting of the workers. Furthermore, it is the duty of the board to see whether the association is securing monetary maintainability or not (Frias?Aceituno et al., 2013). So as to do that it is fundamental contrast the current budgetary presentation and the exhibition of the earlier years. The board is likewise liable for making remunerations for the senior administration just as for the CEO of an association. Keeping up sufficient money related saves and hazard the board Board or a governing body of an association should take care of the current money related stores of an association and is answerable for building up methodology so as to decide when and for which reasons the budgetary stores will be used. Simultaneously, a directorate is dependable in distinguishing dangers, evaluating them and build up methodologies to alleviate them, with the goal that an association doesn't needs to confront any challenges. Potential dangers and issues Subsequent to having a top to bottom thought regarding the principal jobs and duties of a board, it is required to perceive what can be the potential dangers just as issues related with the jobs and obligations of the directorate. So as to guarantee fitting behavior, useless top managerial staff is required to be forestalled at the primary spot. A portion of the continuous dangers, which are related with achieving the jobs and obligations of a board, are Because of absence of arrangement and liveliness, a few times top managerial staff neglects to lead hazard distinguishing proof and hazard appraisal appropriately. Therefore, an association experiences startling results and frustrating income edge (Knepper et al., 2016). It is a top managerial staff one of the fundamental obligations to administer and control the exercises of the administration. A few times, due to biasness, loads up of chiefs neglect the issues of the senior administration and the issues between the administration and the representatives. Therefore, the specific association experiences representative whittling down and low standard exhibitions from the workforce (Leipziger,). For instance, Woolworths in the end experience greatest worker revolt for giving wrong treatment and low pay. In this way, Woolworths notoriety was hurt and the CEO surrendered. A few times because of despotic mindset, loads up of chiefs disregarded to get inputs from the administration, which along these lines decline the communicational security and for the executives, it turns out to be difficult to get appropriate data from the inward partners. Then again, a few times, the executives of a load up or authoritative needs satisfactory compelling aptitudes. Different occasions, it has been likewise distinguished that as opposed to giving beneficial commitment to an association, aptitudes of certain executives turns out to be less pertinent with the current systems and market requests. In such case, an association can confront promoting difficulties (Van Grembergen De Haes, 2017). It is one of the potential obligations of the top managerial staff to cast a ballot individuals and remember new people for the board. More often than not associations face absence of trustworthiness and pleasant methodology among the executives. Because of such conditions, it gets hard to choose a fitting part for the board just as reach to a legitimate choice. Among the vast majority of the South African association, it has been recognized that executives are confronting individual risk issues, which is considered as the issue happened by the weight of corporate administration (Ferrell Fraedrich, 2015). Associations like Marsh, Norton Rose South Africa and Chartis South Africa are confronting such issues. Measures to guarantee suitable direct The above areas have given an unmistakable understan

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The 20 Best Essay Collections of 2019 to Add to Your TBR

The 20 Best Essay Collections of 2019 to Add to Your TBR Calling all essay fans! For your reading pleasure, Ive rounded up the best essay collections of 2019. It was a fabulous year for essays (although I say that about most years, to be honest). Weve had some stellar anthologies of writing about disability, feminism, and the immigrant experience. Weve had important collections about race, mental health, the environment, and media. And weve had collections of personal essays to entertain us and make us feel less alone. There should be something in this list for just about any reading mood or interest. These books span the entire year, and in cases where the book isnt published yet, Ive given you the publication date so you can preorder it or add it to your library list. I hope this list of the best essay collections of 2019 helps you find new books you love! About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times, edited by Peter Catapano and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson This book emerged from a  New York Times series of personal essays on living with a disability. Each piece was written by a person in the disabled community, and the volume contains an introduction by Andrew Solomon. The topics cover romance, shame, ambition, childbearing, parenting, aging, and much more. The authors offer a wide range of perspectives on living in a world not built for them. Black is the Body: Stories from my Grandmothers Time, My Mothers Time, and Mine by Emily Bernard Emily Bernards essays are about her experiences of race. She writes about life as a black woman in Vermont, her family’s history in Alabama and Nashville, her job as a professor who teaches African American literature, and her adoption of twin girls from Ethiopia. It begins with the story of a stabbing in New Haven and uses that as a springboard to write about what it means to live in a black body. Burn It Down: Women Writing about Anger, edited by Lilly Dancyger (Seal Press, October 8) Womens anger has been the source of some important and powerful writing lately (see Rebecca Traisters  Good and Mad and Soraya Chemalys  Rage Becomes Her). This collection brings together a diverse group of writers to further explore the subject. The books 22 writers include Leslie Jamison, Melissa Febos, Evette Dionne, and more. The Collected Schizophrenias by Esmé Weijun Wang The Collected Schizophrenias is a collection of essays on mental and chronic illness. Wang combines research with her personal knowledge of illness to explore misconceptions about schizophrenia and disagreements in the medical community about definitions and treatments. She tells moving, honest personal stories about living with mental illness. The Collector of Leftover Souls: Field Notes on Brazils Everyday Insurrections by Eliane Brum, Translated by Diane Grosklaus Whitty (Graywolf, October 15) This volume collects work from two of Brums books, and includes investigative pieces and profiles about Brazil and its people. She focuses on underrepresented communities such as indigenous midwives from the Amazon and people in the favelas of São Paulo. Her book captures the lives and voices of people not often written about. Erosion: Essays of Undoing by Terry Tempest Williams (Sarah Crichton Books, October 8) This volume collects essays written between 2016 and 2018 covering the topic she has always written so beautifully about: the natural world. The essays focus on the concept of erosion, including the erosion of land and of the self. They are her response to the often-overwhelming challenges we face in the political and the natural world. The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America,  edited by Nikesh Shukla and Chimene Suleyman This volume brings together an amazing group of writers including Chigozie Obioma, Jenny Zhang, Fatimah Asghar, Alexander Chee, and many more. The essayists are first and second generation immigrants who describe their personal experiences and struggles with finding their place in the U.S. The pieces connect first-person stories with broader cultural and political issues to paint an important picture of the U.S. today. Good Things Happen to People You Hate: Essays by Rebecca Fishbein (William Morrow, October 15) In the tradition of Samantha Irby and Sloane Crosley, this collection is a humorous look at lifes unfairness. Fishbein writes about trouble with jobs, bedbugs, fires, and cyber bullying. She covers struggles with alcohol, depression, anxiety, and failed relationships. She is honest and hilarious both, wittily capturing experiences shared by many. I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution by Emily Nussbaum This book contains new and previously published essays by  New Yorker  critic Emily Nussbaum. The pieces include reviews and profiles. They also argue for a new type of criticism that can accommodate the ambition and complexity of contemporary television. She makes a case for opening art criticism up to new forms and voices. Im Telling the Truth, But Im Lying by Bassey Ikpi Bassey Ikpi’s essay collection is about her personal experiences dealing with Bipolar II and anxiety. She writes about struggling with mental health even while her career as a spoken word artist was flourishing. She looks at the ways our mental health is intertwined with every aspect of our lives. It’s an honest look at identity, health, and illness. Little Weirds by Jenny Slate (Little, Brown and Company, November 5) These pieces are humorous, whimsical essays about things that are on Jenny Slates mind. As sheâ€"an actress and stand-up comedian as well as writerâ€"describes it, I looked into my brain and found a book. Here it is. With a light touch, she tells us honestly what its like to be her and how she sees the world, one little, weird piece of it at a time. Make It Scream, Make It Burn: Essays  by Leslie Jamison Here is Jamisons follow-up essay collection to the bestselling  Empathy Exams. This one is divided into three sections, Longing, Looking, and Dwelling, each with pieces that combine memoir and journalism. Her subjects include the Sri Lankan civil war, the online world Second Life, the whale 52 Blue, eloping in Las Vegas, giving birth, and many more. My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education  by Jennine Capó Crucet Crucet grew up in Miami, the daughter of Cuban refugees. Here she explores her familys attempts to fit into American culture and her feeling of being a stranger in her own country. She considers her relationship to the so-called American Dream and what it means to live in a place that doesnt always recognize your right to be there. Notes to Self: Essays by Emilie Pine Emilie Pine is an Irish writer, and this book is a bestseller in Ireland. These six personal essays touch on addiction, sexual assault, infertility, and more. She captures womens experiences that often remain hidden. She writes about bodies and emotions from rage to grief to joy with honesty, clarity, and nuance. Our Women on the Ground: Essays by Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World by Zahra Hankir (Editor) and Christiane Amanpour (Foreword) This collection gathers together 19 writers discussing their experiences as journalists working in their home countries. These women risk their lives reporting on war and face sexual harassment and difficulties traveling alone, but they also are able to talk to women and get stories their male counterpoints cant. Their first person accounts offer new perspectives on womens lives and current events in the Middle East. The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations by  Toni Morrison Picking this up is a fitting way to pay tribute to the great Toni Morrison, who just passed away last summer. This book is a collection of essays, speeches, and meditations from the past four decades. Topics include the role of the artist, African Americans in American literature, the power of language, and discussions of her own work and that of other writers and artists. Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie Kathleen Jamie is a poet and nature writer. These essays combine travel, memoir, and history to look at a world rapidly changing because of our warming climate. She ranges from thawing tundra in Alaska to the preserved homes of neolithic farmers in Scotland and also examines her own experiences with change as her children grow and her father dies. Thick: And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom As of this writing,  Thick  was just longlisted for a National Book Award in nonfiction. McMillan Cottoms essays look at culture and personal experience from a sociological perspective.  Its an indispensable collection for those who want to think about race and society, who like a mix of personal and academic writing, and who want some complex, challenging ideas to chew on. White Flights: Race, Fiction, and the American Imagination  by Jess Row White Flights is an examination of how race gets written about in American fiction, particularly by white writers creating mostly white spaces in their books. Row looks at writers such as Don DeLillo, Annie Dillard, David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen, and more to consider the role that whiteness has played in the American literary imagination. The Witches Are Coming  by Lindy West (Hachette Books, November 5) The Witches Are Coming  is  Lindy Wests follow-up to her wonderful, best-selling book  Shrill.  Shes back with more of her incisive cultural critiques, writing essays on feminism and the misogyny that is (still) embedded in every part of our culture. She brings humor, wit, and much-needed clarity to the gender dynamics at play in media and culture. There you have itâ€"the best collections of 2019! This was a great year for essays, but so were the two years before. Check out my round-ups of the best essay collections from 2018 and 2017.

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Behavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory Counseling - 825 Words

Behavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory Counseling (Essay Sample) Content: Behavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory CounselingNameInstitutional AffiliationBehavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory CounselingThe scenario:Jeremy is a student at a local university. He has been using drugs for a long time, and it has increasingly become difficult for him to stop doing them. Jeremy believes that as much as people feel that taking drugs is wrong he ironically sees the drugs as beneficial to him. He says that his involvement in bhang provides him with energy that enables him to stay active all day. He argues that it is every individualà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s concern to be active and not dull. He explains how his involvement in drugs helped him in doing his school assignments, and adds that after smoking a roll of bhang, he can stay all night doing beneficial stuff like washing and other chores. He goes ahead to foolishly support his involvement in drugs by saying that if he and others did not take drugs then where would the weed that provides the drug do and w hy is it on earth in the first place. He believes that bhang is a unique species of a drug; he points out that some doctors and big hospitals use bhang to treat cancer.Another argument that Jeremy gives to support his involvement in drugs is that they prevent him from catching diseases like colds, flu, and fever. He explains that since he started taking the drugs, cases of him being sick have drastically reduced. To him, drugs are a stress reliever. The argument is supported by an example he provides that if a kid lost both of his parents or a student failed his exams, then such an instant might have drastic effects on the victim that may trigger them to commit suicide. He says that if the individual took a dose of bhang, cocaine, or any other drug the thoughts are erased from the brain and the victim sees the world in a positive way again.Reality Theory CounselingJeremy's case is one that needs much help, given that he can justify his drugs intake and not regret it. Firstly, in the use of reality theory or therapy, it relies on the concept of choice. Reality therapy indicates to a client that their actions are wrong and unfitting. The theory argues that people do not need help to find a defense for their actions but instead require recognizing that their behavior is inappropriate (Glasser, 2010). Analyzing Jeremyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s case above, his arguments are wrong and lack logical reasoning. Jeremy is in a fantasy world where he does not want to acknowledge what is real. His arguments show that he is trying to avoid reality. For example, he believes that taking drugs will give him energy otherwise without them he feels helpless. It is logically wrong to take drugs thinking that they will give you power. This way of reasoning outside the scope of logical thinking instead, he should do reasonable things like concentrating on his studies. As stated by Wubbolding, (2011) drugs will never prevent a person from catching diseases and may bring forth various infections i nstead. The only way to prevent diseases is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is contrast from the way of life. The belief that drugs can help him stay awake and do his assignments is a lame excuse, which reflects on how careless he is with his life.Taking drugs to stop him from depression is wrong. Ilardi, (2009) illustrates healthy things that someone can do t...

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Organizational Leadership, Managing People And Strategic...

not only do you need to be a good team leader but the knowledge and skills are needed to manage a business. Having a higher degree in this major makes your possibilities to move, up higher in a position. You can get an associates degree in business, but if you can get a; bachelor’s degree in business. It will advance your knowledge with skills of organizational leadership, managing people and strategic planning. ( As well as it looks better for applying to jobs to have a bachelor’s degree. Most people will continue their education by earning a master in Business Administration. It is a respected advanced degree and it shows how committed someone is to leading in that field. Obtaining a master will usually take an extra year or†¦show more content†¦That is a very good salary to make a year, for someone who just got their first job or have been working for a long time. But a salary for a sales manager can range from $53,000 to $190,000 a year ( Since 2006 the average salary for a sales manager has been rising ( Being a sales manager is one of the best jobs you can be in if you want to work in the field of sales and marketing. The best paying cities for sales managers are New York City, Connecticut, California and Texas. The growth of sales managers is supposed to increase by 6% in the next 10 years. When deciding to become a sales manager, there is a lot they do each day. They have a lot of responsibilities and it can be very stressful every day. Sales managers are like owners of a company but they don’t own it. Sales manager have to hire and train new people as well as fire people as well. The life of a sales manager will, be mostly in an office or traveling around to different places. Sales managers also have to take care of multiple teams or even multiple stores and make sure they are getting their goals as well as getting a lot of customers. They have to prepare the budget, decide discounts, check the online traffic to the website as well as make sales. They should be very organized because sales managers have a lot of planning and managing. Sales managers are also coaches they must make sure everyone is meeting sales goals, helping customer’s needs, helpShow MoreRelatedEffective Management Practices in Community Service Organizations1686 Words   |  7 Pages examines the ways in which organizational processes, leadership, program management, financing, and community involvement can positively impact an organization. Organizational Processes Effectively managing a community service organization requires careful planning and management. In doing so, organizations need to provide a clear mission and implement their strategies effectively. The following section reviews the effective methods of governance and organizational planning required in the effectiveRead MoreOrganizational Change Management: Streamlining Stabilizing1724 Words   |  7 Pages Organizational Change Management: Streamlining Stabilizing Transition Cassy M. Miller American Public University â€Æ' Executive Summary This essay will take a look at organization change management and how effective communication including transparency and reduction of ambiguity; approaching change and transition through a human lens versus a mechanical lens; implementation of strategic plans and successor development will lend to a reduction in confusion, fear and resistance. LeadersRead MorePrinciples Of Change Management And Organizational Leadership1347 Words   |  6 Pagesparticipation from the people that remains involved in the change, called change management. Change management is, therefore, a very broad field, and approaches to managing change, vary widely, from organization to organization and from project to project. Although, change management focuses on the people, whereas, it ensures that changes are thorough, smooth and implemented. There are three articles that I came across that was very enlightening on change management and organizational Leadership. 10 PrinciplesRead MoreThe Challenges Faced By The Managers Of Companies With Other Areas Of Their Business Essay1227 Words   |  5 Pagesreferences are extracted from organizations of other communities also. Key Words: Human Capital, Leadership, HR Department, HR Outsourcing Talent management. A firm s human capital is an important source of sustained competitive advantage (Hitt et al., 2001) and therefore investments in the human capital of the workforce may increase employee productivity and financial results (Pfeffer, 1998). People are better equipped to do their jobs and this is generally of value to the organization (CunninghamRead MoreGoals And Objectives Of Southwest Airlines1048 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction A goal is defined as objective to do something measurable within a given period (Davis, 1996). Setting goals is one of the most basic and fundamental elements both at the individual and organizational level. Goals show clear direction and destination that people in an organization need to be moving toward. Goals can be both long-term and short-term, whatever the goal the end objective is always almost the same. To achieve the best results, it is important to improve service deliveryRead MoreThe Issue Of Managing Organizational Change1335 Words   |  6 Pages Abstract The issue of managing organizational change is important within management theory and practice. A number of cases have shown that attempts to manage organizational change had frequently failed. Therefore the objective of this paper is to find why does the failure almost occur in an organisation? Additionally, this papers objective is to provide discussion and find reply on the following questions: 1) Which specificRead MoreThe Military And The Business World s Managerial Structure Essay1468 Words   |  6 Pagessubsequent analysis will reflect how planning, leadership, organization, staffing, and controlling are modeled in the military as management tools, much like the functions for managing a business. Managers use planning to choose an application of organizational goals, and to ascertain courses of action that provide the most likely scenario of success. Managers participate in an array of planning activities throughout the course of their work, to acquire organizational or departmental goals (Baak, 2014)Read MoreStrategic Management1702 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Strategic management and leadership The organizational hierarchy and economic conditions directly impacts the roles and functions of business leaders. Therefore, it is imperative that one reviews organizational structure in order to understand leadership traits and characteristics. Due to the constantly evolving economy, companies are aiming to adopt a more elastic strategic management configuration so as to assist the maximization of the employee satisfaction and to get rid of any inflexibilityRead MoreStrategic Planning For An Organization995 Words   |  4 PagesIn strategic planning when an organizations leadership comes together to set priorities, strengthen operations and ensure employees are working toward a common goal it not only shows where the organization is headed, but the actions required to progress and test the organizations success at making the necessary changes. To make the strategic planning process work successfully leaders of an organization must be able to understand the importance of using the following interconnected leadership tasksRead MoreStrategic Change Management Decisions And Process For Long Term Structure1659 Words   |  7 Pages Managing strategic change is fundamental to business success Module No: 368SAM Module Title: Strategy in Action Student Name: Zhi Long Sia Student ID: 5225745 â€Æ' Strategic change management is the management decisions and process for long term structure in the organisation. The strategic change management defined as the process as a systematic approach for managing strategic change which consists of positioning the firm through strategy and capability planning, real time strategic response